Part 1.

Part 1..


Part 2 First Year

I was excited. Honestly most of my school life sucked balls. I was a miserable piece of shit. Like really emo. I wouldn’t fit in for various reasons one of which was that I had too much pride. So I thought I’d try and talk to people this time instead of just being a stuck up awkward bitch. So I did and made a bunch of friends. For the first few weeks there was this guy who became a really good friend of mine we thought we will be bffs and shit but now I have no fucking idea where he is LOL. Yeah he left the college within a month to pursue Engineering. So typical. Yes I was sort of sad but then hey I had managed to make a lot of friends so I was too occupied.
I swore to myself that these three years I will cover up on everything I have missed out in my school life. Which mostly was just fun. Okay fun is purely subjective. Some may call it bullshit like “that’s nothing you don’t even know what fun is!” I’ve got two words for you – FUCK YOU. Doing what I want is fun for me. And yes I had fun.

I wouldn’t say that it feels like yesterday. It has been three years and maybe I had the most of it…

When I filled up the form I had no clue it was for Hotel Management. LOL it wasn’t even me who filled it up it was my mom and I was like whatever I’ll do something in DU. Dad got all these forms for law colleges and BBA but I was just too laid back about everything. No didn’t fill those I still probably have those forms lying fresh. To be honest I didn’t even know anything about Hotel Management unlike those kids who were all so ambitious since the beginning like “Hey, I want to be a chef” or “ I want to open a hotel someday” which although ignorant because it’s just not all about kitchen but at least they had a clue. I knew nothing. I wouldn’t care less. I was aimless. That’s what I was. Three years down I still am just as much but we will come to that later. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to do anything big in life, oh I had dreams okay! Like huge house and everything. I just was too bored to sit down and think about all that I would rather watch some movie or something instead. It sure is a lot more fun. If ever it crossed my mind that I should be thinking about what to do I’ll just say “yeah I’ll just become a rock star and die by 30 of drug overdose” oh yes that was what I cared about I remember music. Though half the stuff I’d listen to was shit but then I was serious about that one thing. I wanted to be a music producer that’s what I’d make all the money for. Maybe still would… but I think I got way off topic so yeah Hotel Management. Mother told me that she would allow me to do it only if I made it to the top college in the entrance. She was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to.  I was okay; I had no fucking clue after all. Boards results came out that was the only time I actually regretted not studying enough the cut offs were too high and my marks? Oh well! I had no idea when the HM results came out I was too busy moaning over the fact that my marks were too low. I remember it one day; check the results and yay I got into a fucking college finally! Now I just gotta know what on earth this is about.

I really couldn’t wait to go to my new college. I am a strange one. Unlike most people my age I was really happy that we had uniforms. I am not a very dressy person. I mean yeah it’s not like I am a dude I hate make up and dresses I admire them but spending all the time on figuring out what to wear and shit everyday is quite boring to even think about. Another thing I loved about my college was that it was far from my place. Yes travelling was tiresome and everything I even fainted a bunch of times in the first two years.  This college was tiresome all in all. 3 hours of practical and 4 hours of theory 5 days a week OMG such a pain! But then I don’t deserve to complain. Besides when I know that I never took enough trouble to think for myself about what I want to do in life I am not going to go around complaining about what life gave me. This was huge for me. And I was happy about it.